Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

I’m sorry I haven’t been around for awhile, but the head and neck happened-my 3rd and worst anatomy test. (Actually, I haven’t received my test score for it yet so let’s keep crossing our fingers!) It was our most intense unit yet, and it was really hard to cram in all into this head of mine.  On a brighter note, I got to hold a human brain!!! It was the highlight of my whole college career…….screw it, the highlight of my whole education thus far!  I love LOVE the brain.

Now that we’ve talked about cadavers, let’s get to the food pictures!

The weekend Harry Potter came out, we held a little party to watch the first part of the 7th movie to get us all ready.

I still haven’t seen the last Harry Potter movie partly because I’ve been busy, also because I don’t want to have to wait in line to get a good seat, and also because I’m really really sad that once I watch this movie, Harry Potter really is over.  I’m okay prolonging that.

Anyway, we had some friends over to watch the 7th movie, part 1, although you wouldn’t know it because we didn’t get one picture of anybody!  We only have pics of the food because it was really good!  Jon and I made mall pretzels, cantaloupe/proscuitto/mint balls, and butterbeer, and our friends all brought food too.

Mall pretzels! I want them again right now!

HPotter1 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

Here is how to make them. It’s not even hard! We should’ve all been making these babies a long time ago.

Yum yum yum.

HPotter 1 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

Spicy cheese and crackers. mmm.

HPotter 2 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

Cantaloupe/Proscuitto/Mint balls! (?) !

HPotter 3 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

And here is the recipe for butterbeer in case you are in the wizarding mood but not anywhere near Harry Potter World in Orlando. And hello, it’s really good! It tastes like a cream soda root beer float. So good.

HPotter 4 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

So, Harry Potter night was fun.  I just need to see the last movie now…..

And make lots more pretzels.

Here are some pictures of Roller Derby!

A girl from my OT class, Camille, is in Roller Derby so we all jumped at the chance to see her play.  Her derby name is Hurricane Camille, and after watching her play, it totally fits.

RDerby Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

She explained to everybody the rules.

RDerby 1 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

Our friend Samir was there! He got us the tickets from his old boss, the team’s dentist. So awesome!

RDerby 2 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

RDerby 3 Butterbeer and Roller Derby.

 Phew, I’m so glad I’m all caught up on blogging now.  I just have two weeks left of classes and one more anatomy test! This summer has been difficult, and I’ve been so busy.  It’ll be really nice to take it easy for a couple weeks before fall semester starts!